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Groundwater Management


A Groundwater Management Plan can be simple or complex, short or long, and involves Policy, Legal, Institutional, Technical, and Economic considerations. The basic elements of a Groundwater Management Plan include goals & objectives, technical components including a groundwater monitoring program, a schedule and budget. We are highly experienced in this arena and provide strategic planning to help facilitate a fully transparent and stakeholder driven process during planning, and for successful implementation. Your plan is prepared to be in full compliance with AB3030 and SB1938 to assure availability of public funding. We also provide grant writing services.

Groundwater Monitoring

We provide technical consulting services to assure you have the basic information necessary to manage your basin sustainably. This includes understanding your needs, evaluating your existing data, identifying data gaps, developing a plan to fill the gaps, and implementing a program to plan & install wells, collect, assess, report, and maintain monitoring data. The most cost effective and best applicable technologies are selected and applied innovatively to meet your monitoring needs.


Groundwater Policy

Water and groundwater are limited and in some cases diminishing in supply, and yet increasing in demand. California challenges include climate change, droughts, the Delta constraints, and a changing regulatory and political climate. We are involved in tracking water and groundwater policy issues and proposals at the national and state level, and can provide services including technical input and policy analysis to help meet your needs locally. We work regularly with legislative advocates on the state and national level, providing technical advice and information, and are well-informed on current local and national issues.


Strategic Planning

The varying complexities of water resources management, including political, legal, institutional, technical and economic, require strategizing and long-term planning for water purveyors to successfully provide their customers with a safe, reliable supply of water at a reasonable cost. Major challenges include the seemingly never ending increasing demand versus diminishing and uncertain supply, water quality issues such as salt, arsenic, and solvents, regulatory issues including disinfection byproducts in groundwater recharge projects, and emerging contaminants. We assist our clients with strategic planning and consultation services to help plan for an uncertain future, and to develop workable, cost-effective solutions to meet these challenges.

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