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SWRCB Water-Energy Climate Action Team - AB32 Scoping Plan Measure W-4 Urban Water Reuse - June 17th

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The following documents provide the workshop agenda, summary notes, presentations and other useful links for LID and urban water reuse.


Quantifying the Climate Benefits of Low Impact Development (LID) in Urban California

Practical Considerations for Stormwater Harvesting and Use

Wisely Managing Our Urban Water Resources - the City of Santa Monica

Urban Water Reuse in Orange County

Stormwater - A Water Supply Opportunity

Using Public Spaces for Infiltration

Water Friendly Landscaping

Declining Water Recharge in the Chino Basin - Implications for the Watershed and Beyond

Optimizing Environmental Benefits - LID Project Considerations

Additional Website Links and Supporting Information - SWRCB Urban Water Reuse Workshop

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