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American Ground Water Trust

California Groundwater Management, Second Edition, Groundwater Resources Association of California, 2005

Sonoma Valley Groundwater Management Program

US Geological Survey Publications

USGS Circular 1308 27MB Water Budgets: Foundations for Effective Water-Resources and Environmental Management

USGS Circular 1247 4MB Evolving Issues and Practices in Groundwater Resources Management

USGS Circular 1217 24MB Groundwater Monitoring and the Importance of Long-Term Monitoring Data

USGS Circular 1186 - 19MB Sustainability of Groundwater Resources

USGS Circular 1139 12MB Groundwater & Surface Water A Single Resource

USGS Water Supply Paper 2220 10MB Basic Groundwater Hydrology

USGS Pamphlet 4MB Groundwater and the Rural Homeowner

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