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Mr. Parker’s experience includes the following selected clients and groundwater resources projects:

·       Sonoma County Water Agency -  Groundwater management planning, program implementation, strategic planning and technical consultation

·       Water Replenishment District of Southern California - Services included advanced borehole geophysical logging, interpretation of geophysical logs and consultation on monitoring well design.

·       MWH Global, Inc./City of Roseville – Joint project with MWH to provide advanced geophysical logging of ASR and monitoring wells, consultation on ASR well design, and technical support on the City of Roseville Aquifer Storage and Recovery Program

·       MWH Global, Inc./Water Research Foundation  - WRF Rapid Research Project – Joint project with MWH to compile and prepare report on the Potential Groundwater Quality Impacts Resulting from Geologic Carbon Sequestration   

·       Mojave Water Agency – Provided hydrogeologic consulting on Mojave Water Agency to develop a regional conceptual site model using Petrel, a groundwater flow model using Eclipse, and advanced geophysical logging

·        Sacramento Groundwater Authority (SGA)/American River Basin Cooperating Agencies Partnership Projects. Technical oversight and assistance on Proposition 13 $21 million grant regional conjunctive use program involving aquifer-storage-recovery wells, and infrastructure expansion – while with DWR

·       Central Sacramento County Groundwater Forum – (Sacramento) Water Forum Successor Effort.  Strategic planning, technical consultation and participation in (Sacramento) Water Forum Successor Effort and Groundwater Forum through facilitated, consensus-based approach involving a group of 30 stakeholders to develop groundwater management plan – while with DWR

·       North East San Joaquin County Groundwater Banking Authority. Strategic planning, technical consultation and participation with stakeholders in the San Joaquin County area – included development of groundwater management plan, grant applications, and spearheaded cooperative approach with local agencies, USGS, and DWR for five year $2.6 million groundwater salinity assessment study

·       California State University of Sacramento Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation for Groundwater and Stream-Aquifer Interaction Evaluations - Cooperative of CSUS, LLNL, USGS, SGA, and SAFCA to develop approach and manage installation of 12-groundwater monitoring wells at CSUS funded by DWR – while with DWR

·       Water Resources Association of Yolo County - Yolo County Integrated Storage Investigation Project – Strategic planning and technical consultation on conjunctive use and groundwater monitoring in Yolo – while with DWR

·       Proposition 13 and AB 303 Groundwater – Grant application review and ranking  - while with DWR

·       Bulletin 118 - Technical support to develop a revised groundwater budget for each basin for B-118 – while with DWR

·       Confidential Client - Beneficial Use of Coal Bed Methane Produced Water, Wyoming

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